movie: the voyage of the dawn treader

chronicles of narniait’s actually been a few days since i watched THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER. and i wouldn’t have watched it if my sister hadn’t decided to treat the family to a movie night out.

DAWN TREADER isn’t one of my favorite books from THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. of the seven books, i’d rank it 5 or 6. so the book getting turned into a movie wasn’t a big deal for me. actually, had PRINCE CASPIAN not been good, i wouldn’t even have joined the movie night out.

disclaimer: i like THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. and while i think DAWN TREADER wasn’t the best book of the lot, i still thought it was a good book.

but i can’t say the same for the movie version of the book.

though, i’m not saying THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER is a bad movie. not exactly. it’s just that, the movie is kind of pointless. and one of the protagonists says so himself at the start of the film. there’s no battle to be fought–so why the need for this story?

in the books, it is quickly stated that king caspian has undertaken the search for the seven missing lords of narnia. something he had sworn to do, as soon as peace had settled back in narnia. but for some reason, the movie branches out into a different quest: against an unknown foe that is threatening to lead narnia into darkness.

i’ve always believed DAWN TREADER existed for the sole purpose of transitioning from the pevensies to eustace scrubb. and for that reason, i found the book version an okay read. it had adventure, it had a journey, and it had a somewhat childlike innocence to it.

the movie’s version of the tale is something i don’t actually recognize, except for a few parts. they’ve tried to make a simple journey turn into an epic fight against the corrupting power of evil. and in the process, they corrupted the character of lucy pevensie for me, and made a likable enough book, and turned it into a monster of a movie.

events in the book were rearranged to make everything seem part of a larger picture. and one of the important parts of the book (for me) was taken out: caspian’s dilemma of sacrifice.

i think DAWN TREADER could have been much better if they didn’t try to make it more than what it was: just an adventure. it didn’t tell of a fight between good and evil, though there was evil present in the book. it was just an adventure, and a transition to the new protagonist.


2 thoughts on “movie: the voyage of the dawn treader

  1. Aww man, they changed the story? They shouldn’t have made it into a movie if they weren’t satisfied with the plot. I might not watch this anymore. I think I’m more excited to see Tangled anyway.

    • they didn’t completely change it; just rearrange the events in hopes of making it look epic. it failed.

      and yes! i’m excited to see TANGLED as well! i’ve been hearing so many good reviews 😀

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