book: scott pilgrim’s finest hour

"scott pilgrim 6" by bryan lee o'malleyi’m just going to get this out of the way: i’m not sure whether i like the last volume of SCOTT PILGRIM or not.

for the past two volumes, my past two blog posts, i made a note of saying that the graphic novels have deviated from the movie’s storyline. i made a mistake there. the graphic novels, up to the fifth volume anyway, came before the movie production. i knew this, but i didn’t word it properly while writing about the graphic novels.

but volume six wasn’t finished when the movie had started shooting. it didn’t come out until after the production had finished shooting, i think. and in many ways, SCOTT PILGRIM’S FINEST HOUR has a different story all together from the last chapter of the movie.

and both ending have their merits. but as i already said, i’m not a fan (all together now) of the movie’s storyline. i thought i’d be a big fan of how the graphic novel series would end, but i wasn’t. did i set too high an expectation? maybe. but i set my expectations high for HARRY POTTER and MOCKINGJAY, where i didn’t get the ending i thought i would get, and i still liked how those series ended.

one of my theories is maybe it’s because i didn’t get the pairing i wanted in the end. with everything that’s happened from the first to the sixth volume, one of the girl characters was obviously being set up for a bigger role. but she still didn’t get the guy in the end. on one hand, that’s pretty much real life. but on the other hand, this is the world of fiction–how dare the author build up that relationship and not make something out of it?!

to the daft ones, i’m not mad at the author. i’m trying to be witty. and that fact that i’m explaining it means it’s not very witty. but it also means that i’m now wary of how other people are reading my posts. also, take note that i’m not calling my blog posts “reviews.”


having finished the whole series, i liked how the end was a natural progression of things. of how you knew that the characters lives would go on, but that this is where this particular chapter has ended. it leaves many things open, the futures of other characters are left unknown, and isn’t that the way it is in real life?

and picking from all the characters, the one i like the least was gideon graves, one of the seven evil ex-boyfriends. with all that drama, and all that build-up, i was kind of disappointed at how one-dimensional he was at the end.

i found scott pilgrim’s clueless-ness a bit endearing in the end. though, at some points of the series, i wanted to smack him in the head just to make him pay attention to what was happening.

SCOTT PILGRIM the graphic novels were an expensive gamble, but i’m happy to report that i don’t regret buying every single issue. in fact, it’s probably going to end up on my to-be-read-again pile.


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