book: scott pilgrim versus the universe

"scott pilgrim 5" by bryan lee o'malleyvolume four of SCOTT PILGRIM gave our protagonist a semblance of a normal life; now the fifth volume is taking it back–and adding some more drama just to spice things up a little bit.

SCOTT PILGRIM VERSUS THE UNIVERSE is the climax of the series, from what i understand. scott must take on a new level of being a bad-ass by taking on two evil ex-boyfriends at the same time. but if he thought that was the only thing he had to deal with, he thought wrong. because something he had done in the first volume is coming back to kick him where it hurts. and it also sets up nicely what will happen in the final volume.

i know one version of the ending–the one i saw in the movie. but i read somewhere that it’s not the same ending in the series. and i can only hope that this is true, as the movie’s ending really wouldn’t make sense after the events of volume four and five.

what do i like about SCOTT PILGRIM VERSUS THE UNIVERSE? a lot of things, but mainly the fact that scott begins to learn from his mistakes–but doesn’t change as a person. also, i found a new favorite character in the person of kim pine, who knows how to love and let go.

graphic novel kim pine is so awesome, i have to wonder why movie’s kim pine was short-changed. i mean, you have so many material to work with in the graphic novel, why relegate the supporting character with one of the richest back stories as a bit player in the movie? seriously.

also, i love that five volumes in, i’m no longer confused as to who’s who. while we don’t really get to know many of the characters in depth, their stereotype basis is so common (in real life, not in comics) that we feel we know people like them in real life. for example, julie the obnoxious bitch. i’m sure many of us know a person just like her in real life.

now, onto the last book.


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