book: scott pilgrim gets it together

"scott pilgrim 4" by bryan o'malleyafter a month of filipino titles, i go back to my regular programming of … well, of whatever i decide to read. first, to cleanse my palate, i’m going back to SCOTT PILGRIM, since i can finish a volume in one sitting.

first up, is SCOTT PILGRIM GETS IT TOGETHER, the fourth volume of the series, where our main character gets a taste of happily-ever-after.

having already seen the movie, i have to admit to being scared of how i will now perceive the graphic novels. and i am happy to say this: the movie really deviated a lot from the books–which is a good thing.

while the visuals of the movie was amazing, its story left a sour taste in my mouth. getting into volume four, i had that mindset hanging over my head. i don’t think i have to say that i was scared. what if i don’t like the book anymore? i already have volumes five and six–what if this is another TWILIGHT?

needless to say, my fears were unfounded. SCOTT PILGRIM GETS IT TOGETHER gives the readers what we want (a semblance of a normal life for scott) without making us think the series has already wrapped up the storylines–or jumped the shark.

the love story of scott and ramona flowers continue to blossom, pun not intended, and we are given more insights into the characters surrounding the two. this is something the movie wasn’t able to do: make the characters three-dimensional. which is ironic, if you think about it.

so as i put down my copy of the fourth volume, i’m ready to dive into the fifth volume without any apprehensions brought about by the film. but before i go, i have this to say: SCOTT PILGRIM (the graphic novel series) is the bob-omb! one-two-three-four!


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