movie: harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 1

harry potter 7.1hello, everyone. no, i didn’t forget about the blog for a week. neither did i die somewhere far away. obviously. i was just–

well, i was busy.

and i really had a hard time finishing TRAGIC THEATER. wow, that book was–

oh wait, i’m going to be talking about HARRY POTTER. let’s leave the TRAGIC THEATER review for another day.

so, i watched THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 1 last thursday. and then again, yesterday. because i’m a good friend. and i was kind of in a hurry when i watched it the first time. i figured, hey, i’m watching it again, it’s okay. but because i haven’t had more than six hours of sleep the past three days, i proceeded to nod off during the second viewing.


but i do remember a lot of what happened in the movie. and i had read the book more times than i can remember. so it’s not like i missed out or anything.

so HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 1. well, first off: that’s a mouthful. but rather than risk the ire of millions of potter-heads, the producers just opted to put a “part 1” at the end of the title, instead of going through with a title change. i would’ve called it HARRY POTTER AND THE SEARCH FOR HORCRUXES. which is a horrible title, i know. it’s a good thing they went with the “part 1” thing.

the movie was nice. yeah, nice. i don’t really know why i’m having trouble loving the movie. it was fine. and i loved the start of the movie, with the trio having their own personal moments. especially hermione’s moment. that was beautiful. and emotional. and i admit, i may have cried a little. okay, a lot. but just for a moment. other than that though, i thought the movie was a bit on the long side.

harry potter 7.1but i only have one complaint, actually: too many scenes lingered. and considering how they cut out a lot of the stuff from the books, i was expecting a more jam-packed movie. instead, we got scenes that i didn’t even think was necessary. it was cute, sure. but necessary, no.

and it’s really hard to explain this without spoiling things. yes, i’m afraid of spoiling a movie based off a book that was released years ago. it’s a thing.

i liked a lot of things though: the undercover quest at the ministry of magic, the escape from the malfoy mansion, and the death at the end of the movie. those were very well done. and most of it were fine.

also, the trio were really good. i know many people are not fans of emma watson’s acting, but i thought she showed a lot of growth in this movie.

but i can’t help feeling a little bit disappointed. for the first part of the last film, i was expecting a bit more oomph.

i am looking forward to watching the second part though. next year. i just hope that one lives up to expectations. i mean, come on, i’m not a hard guy to please. i enjoy watching GRAZILDA and GLEE. i’m not a hard guy to please.

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