giveaway: filipino horror — second update

hey everyone! so far, only three people have voted for the scariest off the entries in my filipino horror competition.

again, here are the entries:

TRESE, TRAGIC THEATER and TALES OF ENCHANTMENT AND FANTASY have one vote each. please help me find a clear winner for the WAKING THE DEAD/TIME OF DRAGONS prize.

i don’t have a review post for today, since i’ve yet to finish reading NEWS OF THE SHAMAN. so instead, i’m promoting my other blog: FILIPINO SCARES, which is a blog of (supposed to be) scary stories set in the philippines. all written by me. for the month of november, i’m writing scenes from a novel i’m trying to write. most of these scenes won’t actually appear in the novel (when i do finish it), but they will be happening alongside the story i’m trying to weave.

here are the links to the stories i’m particularly proud of:

8 thoughts on “giveaway: filipino horror — second update

    • yep, I already have a copy of Tragic Theater. “Nine Supernatural Stories” and “The Best of True Philippine Ghost Stories” are now the only ones I’ve yet to find. 🙂

      Thanks for the tip though 🙂

  1. I didn’t fully get the ending of Don’t Use the Showers. My favorites are:
    Liar, Liar(I want a sequel!),
    The Stairs at the Back(I got goosebumps while reading this one.),
    Watch what you eat(this is just plain gross! My favorite Filipino dish is dinuguan, thank you very much for ruining it.)
    Perfect Little Angel and The Act Of Letting Go(I love the emotional depth of these stories.)
    Tamyra’s Eyes part 2(I find this really funny and for some reasons I can’t identify, it reminds me of Death Note. Part 3! Part 4! Part 5! lol)

    Yeah, I like most of the stories and I admire that your titles don’t give away what the story is about.

    Just a question, though: Are Puti and Itim for real?

    • I’m trying to remember how Don’t Use the Showers ended. Haha. Drawing a blank right now. Oh yeah, Juanita is still at large. I was trying to do a Ring-like story when I wrote that. 😀

      I actually don’t know if the characters from Liar, Liar do survive. I know the NBI officers lost two of their numbers. One of them reported back at the HQ. What happens to him is my next story.

      and apologies for ruining Dinuguan for you. … 🙂

      What I really want to say though is: thank you for liking many of my stories. 😀

      I have a lot of Tamara’s Eyes stories in my head, which I’m hesitant to post at Filipino Scares because they’re a comic take on Philippine Folklore. And Filipino Scares is supposed to be scary stories. 😐

      Also, Puti and Itim are based on the three duwendes that used to live in our garden. Whom, if our former house help is to be believed, I used to talk to when I was a kid.

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