book: trese, mass murders

"trese" by budjette tan and kajo baldisimoon to the last (as of now) volume of TRESE: MASS MURDERS. my fourth book off the filipino horror pile.

in my previous post, i said that “the second volume of TRESE is, in my opinion, leagues better than the first volume.” and i stand by that. but the third volume? is in a league of its own.

i’ve raised my questions about the series in my post about the first volume. those aren’t all of my questions, but those were the ones i thought were important as a backgrounder. MASS MURDERS manages to answer most of the questions in a mind-blowing way.

a bit of an aside; i’m a fan of continuity and reusing secondary characters, so i really liked MASS MURDERS and how it incorporated previously known information and previously met characters into a wonderfully (and tightly) woven story.

all five issues included in the third volume was a rise to action, moving towards the epic climax in the final issue, AN ACT OF WAR.

i also loved how alexandra trese’s strongest allies, the kambal (the twins), were very much integral to the final arc’s plot. and how they were taken out in the alexandra’s last case to give a sense of foreboding, of whether alexandra will survive or not.

my only nitpick in this volume is the huge gap of time between alexandra’s quest and her return in case #12. right before alexandra heads to her quest, we are introduced to a whole new bunch of characters who, i thought, would make the world of TRESE more colorful. but a page later, most of these characters were explained away. well and good, as that would explain why they were never mentioned in the first two volumes. but by the volume’s end, i kind of wished that at least they’d merit another mention.

going back to filipino horror though, TRESE: MASS MURDERS is definitely not a candidate. the whole arc is teeming with characters from filipino folklore, but it is more fantasy/action than horror. and the departure from horror made me a bit sad, since that was one of the things i liked most about the previous volume.

but i am looking forward to the fourth volume. hopefully, we’ll get more light into alexandra’s life there.

and moving on to a different topic; blogger will has a competition up and running over at his blog. a competition to win a novel written by chuck palahniuk. go and check it out!

8 thoughts on “book: trese, mass murders

    • thank you for dropping by! 🙂

      I read Cadena de Amor after reading the third volume. I think it’s a great teaser for whatever is coming next in Alexandra’s life. [Really excited now. :D]

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