book: scott pilgrim and the infinite sadness

"scott pilgrim 3" by bryan lee o'malleyyes, i’ve already said that i liked the first two SCOTT PILGRIM books. i also said that i thought they weren’t much for books–but that was okay because they’re really graphic novels, not books.

but with SCOTT PILGRIM AND THE INFINITE SADNESS, we finally get a complete book from author/cartoonist bryan lee o’malley.

the story of the third SCOTT PILGRIM graphic novel deals with our protagonist trying to get over an ex-girlfriend, while fighting another one of his current girlfriend’s evil exes. it’s a nice crossover of two past loves with enough back story that makes this particular volume a complete book in itself.

another great thing about SCOTT PILGRIM AND THE INFINITE SADNESS is the fact that we don’t get too many characters–and every character that appears in the book actually has something useful to do; or, at the very least, has some character development.

i wouldn’t really know if the author finally hit his stride with this book, or if it’s because i’m more immersed in the SCOTT PILGRIM world now–but i have to say this volume is the best of the three i’ve read so far.

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