book: the kobayashi maru of love

"the kobayashi maru of love" by carljoe javierlast september, during the filipino book bloggers meet-up, a few of us bloggers bought carljoe javier’s THE KOBAYASHI MARU OF LOVE. and since i’m planning on turning october into a month for filipino books and horror books, i decided to go ahead and read the book already. the zombie books could wait for another day.

THE KOBAYASHI MARU OF LOVE is a book of essays, all pertaining to one relationship–that of author carljoe’s and his muse. or should i say former muse? anyway, it’s about him and his ex-girlfriend, their break-up, and the aftermath of said break-up.

it’s a bit personal, yes. but most non-fiction i’ve read are personal. that’s what makes them as entertaining as fiction works. compared to films, non-fiction tend to either be and independent film, or an art film. this one is a bit indie, in my opinion.

as i already mentioned, THE KOBAYASHI MARU OF LOVE deals with the author’s relationship with one particular girl. and the book’s narrative is easy enough to follow–and most importantly, very entertaining.

carljoe manages to talk about the relationship with just enough bias that you know clearly who is talking. but it’s not too much that you feel sorry for the girl who left him. she never gets turned into the antagonist, she’s just very much a part of the story–without appearing for most of the narrative.

i could wax poetics about the book, but i won’t. you just have to know this: it’s easy to read, and it’s worth your time.

the only thing i’m not too sure about is the pop-culture references. the “koyabashi maru” is a star trek term, which i didn’t know about until after i read the book. but that’s not really a concern since the term does get explained in the book. what i’m a bit iffy about is the author invoking sheldon cooper (of THE BIG BANG THEORY) and ted mosby (of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER). i know the author is a geek, he writes so himself. but a few years from now, when people rediscover the book in an obscure bookstore, and both US sitcoms have ceased airing, wouldn’t the reader scratch his (or her, all about gender-equality here) head and wonder who the author was talking about?

but aside from that, i think the book was a beautiful work on the complexities of love–and how breaking up doesn’t have to be the end of a person’s world.



5 thoughts on “book: the kobayashi maru of love

  1. Hey you read it already! I haven’t started on my copy. Good to hear that it’s easy to read and that you enjoyed it. You have a point on the pop culture references but since The Big Bang Theory and HIMYM are two of my favorite shows, those references would probably make me like the book more. 🙂

    • It’ll take you just a few hours to read the book, so you can read it in-between big reads? 😀

      i love popular culture. but i do worry about their expiration date a lot. 😉

  2. I’m a sucker for geek stuff and guys writing about their relationships. 😛 I should be getting my copy from Avalon already (missed getting a copy at the meet up) but I keep on procrastinating. ^^;

    • then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book. 😉

      if you never get ’round to buying online, maybe you could ask for copies to be brought to our next meet-up? 🙂

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