book: mind the gap

"mind the gap" by christopher golden, tim lebbonalways assume that there’s someone after you.

MIND THE GAP is the first story of the hidden cities series, and it’s a phenomenal start for the series. i mentioned in a previous post that i started the series reading the second book, THE MAP OF MOMENTS, and i never found that novel lacking. it never needed to explain what the hidden cities conceit was.

but reading MIND THE GAP? it clears everything up so much. the book really is a beginning.

yes, i’ve mentioned before that the two novels that followed, the aforementioned MAP OF MOMENTS and CHAMBER OF TEN, can stand on their own. but reading MIND THE GAP has put things in perspective. this is where everything begins, where the conceit of the hidden cities is explained, and so i must now say that it’s very important to read this book before you read the other two.

not reading this book doesn’t make reading the others not-enjoyable. but it would certainly clear up any questions you might have when you start the other books.

now, MIND THE GAP is the story of jasmine towne. a teenaged girl who comes home one day to find her mother murdered with one message written in her blood: jazz hide forever. so what’s a girl to do? run and hide, of course.

we, the readers, join her as she travels the underground world of london, discovering hidden secrets in the tunnels of london’s tube system. and as she uncovers these secrets, she also begins to find out that her mother’s paranoia are very much well-founded.

christopher golden and tim lebbon have managed to create an intricate world and a colorful past to create the hidden cities series. and while i didn’t enjoy CHAMBER OF TEN as much, MIND THE GAP just gave me reason to look forward to the fourth hidden cities novel, when it does come out.

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