book: scott pilgrim versus the world

"scott pilgrim, vol 2" by bryan lee o'malleyokay, so volume 2 only proved that this series would be better read as one whole book. and i am more thankful now that i didn’t start reading this series back when friends were recommending it to me. because i would’ve died from waiting.

i do that often enough with BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. thank you very much.


SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD doesn’t pick up right after the events of the first volume. it goes back a bit into the past to introduce a new character, while reintroducing another existing one.

to be quite honest, i was confused. for about one page (so two faces?), and then then everything was fine again.

i think what i like most about the SCOTT PILGRIM graphic novels so far is the humor. it’s very dour. is that the right word? it sounds about right.

i’ve already mentioned that i know how the story unfolds. because i’ve read the wikipedia entry. but i still enjoy reading the serials (i devoured this one in less than an hour) because of the dialogue. and the aforementioned humor. reading a summary is not the same as reading the actual thing. because summaries are usually devoid of humor. usually.

SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD introduces us to two evil exes from ramona flowers’ past. two more enemies for scott to battle. [oh yeah, recap: scott pilgrim wants to date ramona flowers. when word gets out that ramona actually gave him the time of the day, ramona’s first evil ex made contact with scott. twice. because he must defeat ramona’s evil exes if he wants to start dating ramona. end of recap.] and it also introduces us to one character from scott’s past–who is sort of linked to one of ramona’s evil exes.

contrived? maybe. but because it’s actually confronted by the source material, it actually doesn’t matter. you’re not laughing at the book’s contrivances. you’re laughing with it. which, if you do in real life, would be weird. also, run as fast as you can because your book is laughing. books are supposed to be inanimate. they shouldn’t be laughing with you.

okay, my insanity got a bit loose there.

back to the subject at hand: i’m still team SCOTT PILGRIM at this point. i’m not sure if it’s a bias. or if it’s because of the fact that i know how the story’s going to fold out. but the lack of narrative, and per-volume conclusion does not affect me one bit.

and while i know comics were built to build suspense for until the next issue, i am expecting a little bit more from a graphic novel. a volume of a graphic novel. and while SCOTT PILGRIM is not delivering, i can’t seem to find myself caring. i’m just enjoying the ride.

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