book: scott pilgrim’s precious little life

"scott pilgrim, vol. 1" by bryan lee o'malleyto clarify, i do know that this is a graphic novel. but just for the sake of not having too many categories, and because i don’t read that many graphic novels, i’m putting this under the “book” category.

that aside, i love the first volume of SCOTT PILGRIM. a number of friends have been recommending this title for years now, and i’ve never given it a proper look. yes, because i’m not much of a graphic novel reader. so i’m late to the scott pilgrim party.

but guess what? at least i don’t have to wait for years before i read the last book in the series.

i actually only have the first two volumes, and i’ve only read the first one so far. i do have to work, you know. i’m only reading two books in a row because i want to catch up with the days that i never posted about books in this blog. my mostly-book blog was having an identity crisis with all the movie posts i had.

moving on.

SCOTT PILGRIM’S PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE is a precious little book that sets-up the series quite nicely. i’ve read the wikipedia entry about the series, so i mostly know what’s going to happen next. which is why i’m happy to note, that regardless of knowing what will happen next, the first volume was still quite a page-turner for me.

two things though: first, the first volume is purely set-up. meeting scott, meeting ramona, having an unresolved love triangle, having evil exes–all of it are just a set-up. i’m reading this as a book, and not as a graphic novel, so i felt this was a bit incomplete. the action just rose and rose, without ever having a denouement. second, the first evil ex was kind of lame. and the fight was over in a flash.


first impression: i think SCOTT PILGRIM, the series, should be read straight from volumes 1 to 6. that is, if you’re reading it as a book. which presents a bit of a dilemma for me, as i only have the first two volumes. but we’ll see in the second volume if my assumption is correct. that the series is better as just one book.

4 thoughts on “book: scott pilgrim’s precious little life

  1. I love love love this series. Yeah, the first book is just some kind of one big set-up but I swear the next books will be awesome. I am deeply disappointed that the movie will be shown here 3 effin months after it was shown in US.

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