book: married with zombies

"married with zombies" by jesse peterseni love zombie fiction–but that’s probably because all zombie fiction i’ve read so far, i liked. i guess there’s a first time for everything.

MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES tell the story of sarah and david who get thrown into a zombie apocalypse while waiting for their turn during couples counseling. with a tag that says “the couple who slays together stays together”, i thought i was in for an interesting ride.

it was interesting, yes. but there was nothing new in the way the apocalypse was being told. the book’s “new thing”, zombie-killing as couples-counseling, wasn’t a plus one. it was a minus one. i felt, throughout reading the book, that these people need to get it together. for the most part, i was annoyed at sarah’s many asides.

the novelty of having two people who were on the verge of breaking up having to stick together only lasts so long. by the time you reach the fourth chapter, you keep wishing a new character joins them so that you can have someone else to interact with. what do they call that syndrome? when you get tired of the people you’re constantly with? that’s what i felt while reading the book. i disliked sarah and david. so much so that i didn’t really care if one of them bit the dust. whereas i instantly liked the secondary characters the book employed. like amanda, who we meet in the fifth chapter.

also, it’s claim to be “a romantic comedy with brains!” is a bit of a stretch. again, there was nothing new in how the zombie apocalypse was presented. which would’ve been fine had we been dealt with characters that are actually smart. instead we get two bickering people who, as the journey progresses, begins to tolerate the quirks of each other. these two are supposed to be married. and we don’t see any rediscovery of love anywhere. just tolerance. how can it be a romantic comedy?

then again, i’m judging this having watched (and loved) SHAUN OF THE DEAD. now that was a great romantic comedy–with zombies.

i guess there are some pitfalls to the rise of zombie appreciation. like vampires during the TWILIGHT era, half-assed novels cropped up regardless of its quality. publishers were just interested in riding with what’s popular. of course, i’m not saying MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES is like TWILIGHT. at the risk of beating a dead horse, MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES actually has some depth in its writing.

things would have to be notched up in the second book, FLIP THIS ZOMBIE (coming out january 2011), for me to recommend this series. but, of course, i’ll still read the second book when it comes out. i am a sucker for zombie fiction–good or bad.

for now, i’m on a wait-and-see mode. if you really want to read this book, i won’t stop you. but if you’re on the fence, and there’s another book you want to buy? i say go for the other book.

13 thoughts on “book: married with zombies

  1. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews for this book, especially about how annoying Sarah can be. Personally, I’m just really in it for the zombies, but I don’t know how the entire book would fare for me. *shrug*

    The good thing about this is someone is sending me their extra ARC so I won’t have to buy it. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see as well. 🙂

    • i was in it for the zombies too. but sometimes, you need characters you can relate to. or at least, characters who don’t annoy you as much. i remember not relating at all to georgia of “feed,” but i managed to like her character nonetheless. =/

      and i’ll be looking forward to read your reaction once you finally read this novel. =)

    • It did seem interesting. Until I read it. =/
      And yes, Shaun of the Dead was awesome. And amazing. And since you loved it, you might not like Married with Zombies much. Then again, I think people should make up their minds about something themselves. So if you get a chance, do read Married with Zombies and share what you think. 🙂

      Also, yes, I’ve already read World War Z. One of the best Zombie books, in my opinion. 😀

  2. Same here, a big fan of Max Brooks.

    An analysis of World War Z was my final presentation in my class last year. It was fun, coz I got to do gory Powerpoint slides. 🙂

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