giveaway: filipino horror

"waking the dead" by yvette tani love hearing horror stories. i also love telling them, hence my tumblr blog: filipinoscares. and i love reading horror stories, especially new or twist-y versions of well-loved horror stories.

so this october, seeing as we’re working the days away to halloween, i’m asking whoever is reading this blog to recommend me novels that have elements of horror.

initially, i was going to go with just filipino horror. but in case there aren’t that many, i’m good to go with any novel that has elements of horror in it. the only catch is, it has to be written by a filipino.

when the entries are in, i will look for copies of said books. and the two recommendations that i like best will get a copy each of yvette tan’s WAKING THE DEAD (and another book each, that will be revealed later on).

to repeat; i’m asking for recommendations of novels that have the horror element–and is written by a filipino. it doesn’t matter if the novel was published abroad, as long as it’s written by a filipino.

deadline of recommendations is a week before halloween, which is october 24, a sunday. and the winners will be announced on october 31–or later, if in case there are too many recommendations.

game? hit the comments.

22 thoughts on “giveaway: filipino horror

  1. Hey! Great giveaway.:)

    I don’t know if you’ve read it, but I highly recommend the Trese series, 1, 2, and 3. They’re graphic novels incorporating traditional Filipino myths and creatures. Fantastic story telling, too.

  2. Hi there. Just dropping by, you have an amazing blog, by the way.
    I already have Tan’s Waking the Dead, but i’m still gonna give a suggestion.
    Have you read anything by David Hontiveros? “Craving” was okay.

    • thank you, first and foremost, for your compliment.
      secondly, I haven’t read anything by David Hontiveros. that said, this is the first time I’m reading his name, so thank you for your suggestion. I’ll look for a copy of ‘Craving’. =)

  3. Have you heard about Tragic Theater by C.M Coronel? I think that book really scared people. I searched the book FB page and looked at the comments. Some says that they slept holding a rosary because of creepy imaginations in their mind triggered by the book. I really want that book and it is available in NBS. You know Fullybooked seldom sell Filipino books. The book have book two but will be release in 2011. And many readers just can’t wait for it

  4. Hi,

    I don’t read Filipino horror books but my sister really loves them maybe I can recommend Trese, a graphic novel retelling traditional monsters (can’t find the right term) and Tragic Theater by G.M. Coronel, she just finished it last night and she said it was a good book. I think artseblis and fanta suggested them already. But have fun.

    Don’t forget PSICOM’s horror collection and I really recommend The Best Of True Philippine Ghost Stories, collections of horror stories. (

  5. Hi Jason!

    I might venture on recommending “News of the Shaman” by Karl R. de Mesa to you. It has a very cool cover. Hope that one will make the grade.

    Dark nights and creepy wonders! ^_^

  6. Squee: Giveaway!

    You specified “novels,” so I’m not sure these are valid, but I’ll give it a try anyway. My recommendations are two books from Milflores Publishing, both anthologies.

    Tales of Enchantment and Fantasy is a short story collection edited by Cristina Pantoja Hindalgo.This isn’t purely horror, in general the theme is myths and legends depicted in contemporary fantasy, but most of the stories have the right elements for a ghost story.

    Marivi Soliven Blanco’s “Mananangrrl” tells of an Oprah-type talk show hosted by a witch, with a manananggal as a guest; Andrea Peterson’s “Graveyard Shift” reveals the secret world of a call center; Butch Guerrero’s “Tidy Little Tale” depicts a slick serial killer, and so on.

    They’re stories of the mundane, with a sinister twist.

    The second book is Spooky Mo: Horror Stories by Marivi Soliven Blanco.

    The nine stories feature the seven deadly sins — Pride, Envy, Anger, Avarice, Sloth, Gluttony, and Lust, revolving around females who turn into “scary bitches” when provoked.

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