tv show: bantatay

"bantatay" directed by don michael perezwe all know dogs as man’s best friend. but in gma-7’s latest soap, the dog is about to embark on a new journey: that of being a father to three kids.

the story really begins when bernard (raymart santiago) is killed, leaving his three children without any parent. but he knows that his missing wife is somewhere, and she needs help too.

when bernard, in spirit form, sees his children in danger, he intuitively tries to protect them–accidentally infusing his spirit to the family dog who also wanted to protect the children. so now you have BANTATAY.

the tv show’s title is actually a play on two words: “bantay” which means “to guard” and is also a popular name for dogs here in the philippines, and “tatay” which means “father”.

sure, the man in dog’s body premise has been done before. you have hollywood’s SHAGGY DOG. it’s even been done in reverse, in MAGIC TO WIN 5, where the dog turns into a man to protect the master he loves from her cruel boyfriend. but infused in a family drama targeted to the more impressionable bracket of children, this is a new thing.

especially in philippine television.

admittedly, i am writing about the show with a little bias. i am one of the show’s researcher-slash-brainstormer. but even if i hadn’t been part of the show’s creative team, i would have been writing about this series because it’s something different from the usual soap-opera we see on television.

sure BANTATAY has its own soap elements: the missing mother, the cruel relatives, etcetera. but at the heart of it, it’s about three children trying to get by, with their father in the guise of a dog, doing his best to protect them. it’s a feel-good story about how some people might be out-and-out bad, but there are still those who have inherent good in them.

BANTATAY started airing last september 20, but i wanted to see the show first before i actually wrote about it. after all, reading the script and seeing the final product are two separate things. i know this only too well.

the show airs late weekday afternoons, before gma-7’s telecast of 24 ORAS.


6 thoughts on “tv show: bantatay

  1. being a dog-lover, i would enjoy this show. sayang, it’s scheduled too early (for me, because my work is until 730pm =P). but maybe our four shitzus and two japanese spitz would like to follow this telenovela. they can tell me all about the show when i get back from work.

    • haha. but what will you do when your dogs do start talking to you? 🙂

      what i love about our show is that we’re including a few pet issues that needs to be addressed within the context of the show. maybe we could also manage to raise awareness while entertaining our fellow Filipinos. 🙂

  2. The concept has been done before, agree, but almost everything is nowadays. I think what makes or breaks a show is how it progresses: how the plot thickens, the characters develop, the conflicts resolved.

    Congratulations on the launch of the show, and goodluck too. I still have my hopes up for our local television scene.

    • Thank you! I still believe in local television too, that’s why it’s been my dream to get in, hoping I could help in pushing for a new era.

      I’m hoping this show can live up to the expectations set in the first week. And that we surpass what is expected. 🙂

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