movie: resident evil: afterlife

staring milla jovovichi’m not a gamer. but i do like playing video games. and i think it was BIO HAZARD that got me so interested in zombies in the first place. so RESIDENT EVIL, the american counterpart of BIO HAZARD has a special place in my heart.

when the game was first made into a movie, i cringed. i hated the first movie. especially since i thought they lost the creep factor of the game. in the game, you come in cold, but you know that something’s not right with the house. i don’t remember what happened in the first scene of the movie RESIDENT EVIL, but i do remember being disappointed.

the movie was more action than horror.

and then RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE came out. and it had game protagonist jill valentine in it. and i was hooked. i watched that film for jill valentine (played brilliantly by sienna guillory), and i was not disappointed. i had already prepared myself for a not-so-good story, so coming out of the second movie, no hopes were dashed.

and then news came out that jill valentine will not be part of RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. but instead they will have claire redfield, another game character, join the movie franchise’s main protagonist. so i gave it a chance. and while it wasn’t good, it wasn’t as horrible as the first movie.

that first movie really sucked.

but not as much as this last movie did. RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE suffers a condition known as 3D-overkill. the very first 3D movie i watched suffered from this too. which movie? the remake of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, starring brendan fraser. but let’s get back to the point of the post:

the bad thing about me not liking RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is the fact that i had zero expectations. it worked for movies 2 and 3, so i was hoping it would work for 4 too. i was wrong. the number of made-for-3D sequences definitely killed whatever joy i would’ve had for the movie.

and let’s not forget the lack of any narrative flow. the first movie had alice (milla jovovich) discovering what the umbrella corporation had done to her. the second movie was a race to save someone’s daughter as a whole city gets evacuated. the third movie was about a group of survivors trying to find safe haven. early on in the fourth movie, it’s clear that there is no safe haven. so what’s the point? where is the story going to go?

also starring ali larter and wentworth millerthen there’s chris redfield. yes, chris redfield is in this movie. he’s portrayed by wentworth miller, and i just want to say: what a waste of good talent. and what a waste of potential story lines.

chris redfield, along with jill valentine, were the first playable characters of the BIOHAZARD game franchise. they were the characters people are most excited to see.

and in RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, you have chris friggin’ redfield and claire figgin’ redfield together. and there’s so much potential for so much badass-ery. but instead we get a cop out.

== spoilers ==

we have chris hugging claire, happy to see her after four years. and then alice tells chris that claire doesn’t remember most things. and then that’s that. no other follow up.

they do get to kick butt together. one time. and that’s that too.

== end of spoilers ==

i get that alice is the main character, but when you’re going to bring in game characters, you should treat them with at least some importance. i mean, people want to see them, god damn it. also, wentworth miller has a decent acting range. and yet we don’t see chris in his performance. instead we see his character from PRISON BREAK. so what the hell is wrong?

and i’ve long come to terms that RESIDENT EVIL, the film franchise, is more action than horror. so when you have 99% of your action sequences happening at half-speed for full 3D glory — well, you’ve also lost your action-movie credentials.

RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is definitely a movie to avoid.

but if you do still plan to watch it, do stay until the credits have rolled. sienna guillory is credited as jill valentine, and you should see why.


7 thoughts on “movie: resident evil: afterlife

  1. i’ve long ago been able to solve my frustration over how bad or weak most movie/tv adaptations are compared to the originals. i simply consider the movies/tv series separate entities. natahimik na ako, lol.

    i used to play resident evil, too. rather, my brothers will play and i and younger sibs will give directions and help solve puzzles and scream and scamper away when the monster zombies arrive.

    those were the days. now i only have time to play with plants vs zombies once in a while.

    • that’s what i did with the latter three movies of RESIDENTS EVIL. worked with APOCALYPSE and EXTINCTION, not so much with AFTERLIFE. it was just, well, really bad. =)

      i’m rubbish when it comes to puzzles. i take ages before i solve something. and while i love reading/writing/watching zombies, i’m not very fond of playing against them. i tend to get panicky, so i never last more than 10 minutes in BIOHAZARD. haha. =)

      I still get to play video games sometimes. Once a year. =)

    • i used to play resident evil, too. rather, my brothers will play and i and younger sibs will give directions and help solve puzzles and scream and scamper away when the monster zombies arrive.

      Hah, I used to do that too. I’m always too chicken to play by myself. I’m the brains, my brother is the brawn. 😛

  2. You know what’s crazy? I watched the first movie about…seven times. I didn’t really love it, but I liked it enough. Now I think I know where my zombie fascination came from.

    Hm, this movie is that bad? I’ve been hearing okay reviews from my friends. I kinda feel disappointed that Jill Valentine didn’t have a big role in the second movie but then I’ve come to accept that the RE movies aren’t the same as the game, to kill expectations. I’m curious about Chris Redfield, though.

    Oh, and I was totally bummed when they killed the tech guy (Mikey, I think?) in AFTER LIFE. Tsk. They always kill the techie people. :/

    • Have you watched Shaun of the Dead? Now that is an awesome zombie movie. =)

      re: Afterlife; I guess the 3D deal works for some people. But because I get headaches when I watch 3D movies, I always choose the 2D option. And when you’re watching action-sequences without the 3D cheat, it’s kind of pointless. And the action fails to thrill, because everything is happening so slowly.

      and don’t get me wrong, I was disappointed with the small screen time Jill had in the second movie too. But the small screen time was enough to make me like the movie better than the first movie. =)

      and the casting for Chris Redfield was ingenious. I just wished they utilized him more. Or at least written his character differently. It didn’t really feel like Chris. It was like you’re watching RESIDENT EVIL: PRISON BREAK. =/

      .. I’m confused. Mikey? in Afterlife? They have a sort-of mechanic in Afterlife, but his name was Angel. =) Unless, you’re not talking about Afterlife. =)

      • hahaha, labeling them with numbers, I think, would have people confused whether you’re talking about the games or the films. =)

        and now I remember Mikey. At first I thought you were talking about Mike Epps, so I was wondering if his character was the tech guy. But he wasn’t. Haha. So I checked the movie’s imdb page.

        Tech guys tend to get killed a lot, due to them being stereotyped to be not as physical as their comrades. =/

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