movie: step up

"step up" directed by anne fletcher, "step up 2" directed by jon chui’m actually going to cheat here and write about both STEP UP and STEP UP 2 THE STREETS.

STEP UP is centered on a guy who does wrong, is sentenced to work at the maryland school of arts, and discovers that all he needed was a little focus in his life. which he finds by integrating his freestyle dance background to a more structured one taught at the school.

STEP UP 2 THE STREETS follows a girl who has too much focus on one thing: the streets competition. and it is only when she’s brought to the maryland school of arts that she begins to rediscover why she started dancing in the first place: expressing who she is through her movements.

to tell you the truth, after watching the two films, i have to say i like STEP UP 3 best. with STEP UP 3, i said that the dance came first and the story just followed. and i stick by that assessment. but having seen the first two movies, i see now that STEP UP 3 was the balance between the two.

if you’re looking for story, watch STEP UP. it’s structured as a story, using dance as a way to get from one point to another. and for what it’s worth, the story of STEP UP is sound. you see the characters develop from point a to point b, and you see how their actions affect what happens next.

in STEP UP 2 THE STREETS, it’s dancing with a bit of story to push it from one dance performance to the next. i’ve heard that people like the sequel better than the original, and i get why. as i said in my STEP UP 3 post, people watch dance movies for the dancing. and STEP UP 2 THE STREETS is a movie with a lot of dancing. the actual story is flimsy at best, with one main character battling with three conflicts — all of which get resolved in the last thirty minutes of the movie.

and having seen all three movies now, STEP UP 3 seems to have found the right balance between the two to make a very enjoyable movie: with a lot of dancing to satisfy those who came for the dance, and with the right amount of storytelling to keep people like me quiet.

oh look what i did there, i talked about all three movies instead.

in the end, both STEP UP and STEP UP 2 THE STREETS is a one-time watch for me. of course, i’m not saying “never”, but for now, i think i’m done with both movies. unlike STEP UP 3 which i wanted to watch again because the dance performances were mind-blowing.

each movie certainly leveled their dance pieces up. i just hope that if there’s another STEP UP movie, the story aspect of the movie would level up too.


3 thoughts on “movie: step up

  1. I didn’t like Step Up because Channing Tatum isn’t that good looking in that one. He looked a lot better in She’s the Man. LOL. I liked Step Up 2 better because of the dance moves. Haven’t watched Step Up 3 though.

    • haha, I didn’t like Channing Tatum in either Step Up or Step Up 2. I think he looks kind of douche-y, and I’m not sure if he was hired for his acting skills, or his dancing skills. Neither of which were exemplary, truth be told.

      and if you liked Step Up 2’s dance moves, you’re gonna love Step Up 3. =)

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