book: sweet misfortune

"sweet misfortune" by kevin alan milnewhat drew me to SWEET MISFORTUNE was the fortune cookie. and the fact that it looked like a chic-lit book, read like a chic-lit book, and was written by a man. seeing as i was browsing a website and this book drew me in, i knew i was in for a ride. and what a ride it was.

SWEET MISFORTUNE tells the story of sophie jones, an orphan who doesn’t believe that happiness lasts. and with good reason. on her ninth birthday, she lost both her parents and her grandmother in a vehicular accident. almost two decades later, she almost gets left at the altar. almost, because she didn’t even reach the alter before the guy scampered.

and then her life takes another turn when her ex-fiance returns, wanting to prove that lasting happiness does exist. but is he really the guy who can convince sophie?

the cover showcases one of the book’s gimmicks: misfortune cookies. the one on the cover says, “some people are lucky in love. you aren’t one of them.” and that sets the tone for the actual story, wherein sophie jones believes in all her heart that whatever good thing happens in her life is only fleeting. especially when it comes to relationships.

split into three parts, we begin the story in the middle–where we already know that sophie was left by her fiance, and then go back to the beginning where we see how sophie met her fiance and the events that led to their eventual estrangement, and lastly we follow how the story ends.

to be honest, when the fiance first showed up inside the book’s pages, i thought the reason he left sophie was because he discovered he was gay. there was something obviously misleading in the dialogues given to the character. i was glad to be proven wrong though, as the story progressed. but i have to admit that i really have a problem with the perfect-ness of the fiance’s character whereas our main character is very flawed. i don’t know if this was intentional, but i really can’t reconcile the perfect guy persona with the fiance who left sophie at the altar.

eventually we see chinks in the fiance’s shining armor, but it’s a little too little, too late.

fortunately, this doesn’t detract from the book’s overall charm. as you get to know sophie, your main character, you begin to root for her, even when her doom-and-gloom attitude starts to get you down. and the promise of change in character, as chic-lits are wont to give, is never far off. you never entertain thoughts of the story beginning to lead nowhere, because you can always see the path it’s going to take, while giving you a few surprise, and welcome, twists.

SWEET MISFORTUNE is a special order book, so i’m not sure of its availability here in the philippines. but if you do find a copy, grab it. if you’re interested to look for one, ask FULLY BOOKED if they ordered more copies, and which branch has a copy in stock.

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