book: frenzy

"frenzy" by robert liparuloearly this year, my mom gave me a book: HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and WATCHER IN THE WOODS. i say “a book,” but it’s actually two books published as one. this was the first two books in the DREAMHOUSE KINGS series that would spawn six books — with the last, FRENZY, being released early this year.

i’ve been waiting for a copy of FRENZY to get to the philippines since may of this year. that was supposedly the release month. i don’t know what happened, but a copy never materialized. so being a very impatient person (and having been waiting for so many finale books) i decided to just order it from amazon.

it arrived at our post office last wednesday, i picked it up yesterday, and finished reading it this morning. and i have to say: it’s all worth the effing wait.

now, months may have passed since i last read the book, but it’s only been days since the adventures of the kings began in the HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS. the whole series (all six books) happened in the span of eight days. which tells you just how jam-packed and fast-paced the series is.

now, what is it the series about?

HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS begin with the kings moving houses — to a small town called pinedale. the kids think it’s boring, compared to the faster-paced life they all lived prior to the move. what they don’t know is that the house they moved into has a past: a family used to live there, until the mother was abducted by a strange creature. and history is set to repeat itself.

it’s a very engaging series where you just can’t wait to find out what happens next. you feel the urgency of having to find the kings’ mother, and the constant threat that something bad is about to happen. if there’s a book series to keep someone’s blood pumping, this is that series.

but what i like most about this series is the fact that the kings travel through time in different points of history. these glimpses of history is not enough to actually be considered a history lesson, and these books being a work of fiction can’t be all that reliable, but these nibbles of history is presented in a very interesting way that you’d want to learn more about what really happened.

the DREAMHOUSE KINGS series is a great way to get kids interested in reading up on history. not to mention the discussions you can have with children about bravery, about the importance of doing the right thing, and about all-encompassing love.

i love reading books for kids, and young adult fiction, because there’s always a sense of adventure. whether it is set in a world of fantasy, or just our own world, there’s always the sense of entering something new. if contemporary fiction has you familiar with the world from the get-go, books for children give you the joy of always discovering something new.

and that’s exactly what you will find in FRENZY and the other DREAMHOUSE KINGS books.


4 thoughts on “book: frenzy

  1. I just wanted to comment and say congrats on finally getting a book that you’ve been waiting for a long time! 🙂 Next time, try Book Depository so you don’t have to pay Amazon’s expensive shipping fees.

  2. Hello, I’m a new member of the Filipino Book Bloggers and currently on the process of getting to know all the members. I saw this review and I can’t help but comment. House of Dark Shadows is my current read. A friend in goodreads loves this book or series, for that matter, so I immediately grabbed the chance to buy it when Fullybooked held a sale few weeks ago. I’m halfway finish in Dark Shadows and I like the dark vibe Liparulo set for the book.

    books for children give you the joy of always discovering something new.

    I agree with that statement. I’m also a fan of ‘books for children’ or Middle Grade fiction, as I prefer to call it. It always brings out the “child” in you and we have to admit, we love feeling young. If you’re interested in MG fiction mixed with history, you might want to try Michael Scott’s Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel series.

    • Hello, and thanks for stopping by! =)

      Also, I’m happy that you’re enjoying House of Dark Shadows. Things will be getting crazier by Book 2. Hopefully though you’ll have more luck in getting copies of the books than I did.

      And thank you for the book recommendation, I’ll have to put them in a list now as I’m on a book-buying ban until after I finish my current to-be-read pile. =)

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