"mamarazzi" starring eugene domingoi’m a fan of eugene domingo. a big fan? maybe, but i don’t think so. i’m just enough of a fan that i would support most of her endeavors. since appearing gma-7’s AKO SI KIM SAMSOON, i’ve watched most of the television shows she’s been part of, and i’ve watched a couple of movies that has her on the headline: KIMMY DORA and HERE COMES THE BRIDE.

KIMMY DORA cemented my love for eugene’s brand of comedy. and it’s that love that pushed me to watch MAMARAZZI.

the story of MAMARAZZI centers on eugene domingo playing violy, a single mother whose only problem is that her children need a father figure. a very flimsy conflict, right? and it shows in the movie. definitely. and then you have the three children who all have their problems that supposedly connects to the need for a father figure: dingdong, an aggressive young man who folds whenever he’s in front of the girl he likes; peachy, whose intellect blocks her from finding true love; and strawberry, who is desperate to seek her mother’s approval.

that’s three stories masquerading as four stories, when in fact, there’s no story at all.

well, i’m sure there is a story there somewhere. buried under there somewhere. but, i have to say, the movie’s narrative isn’t hard to follow. you go from point a to point f, and you still know where you’re going. not because of great writing, but because there really is no plot. it’s like you just took random bits of a person’s life and flashed it on screen without any attempts of actual storytelling.

but there is an attempt at comedy. and good thing this movie has eugene domingo and john lapus, because they are the only ones who are worth watching in this movie. well, carla abellana also delivers a few good punches. but that’s about it.

eugene domingo is a wonderful actress-comedienne who manages to subvert people’s expectations in whatever project she has. so i’m kind of confused as to why she would agree to this movie. is it because the movie is very mainstream? maybe. her role here is a bit of a play on the personna she showed in the now defunct COOL CENTER: smart, sassy, and a bit sexually repressed. she was wonderful in KIMMY DORA, and the scenes i’ve seen of 100 and PLONING showcase eugene’s powerful acting chops in drama. but here in MAMARAZZI, we get a eugene domingo that’s funny and lovable, but she doesn’t level up to exceed the expectations she has set in her previous projects.

"mamarazzi" directed by joel lamanganjohn lapus as the semi-repressed homosexual is funny to watch. not because it’s new, but because it’s basically john lapus being john lapus without being john lapus. does that make sense? it’s basically the comedian-host having fun with a role that was tail0r-made for him.

and while the rest of the cast was so-so in their roles, carla abellana was able to show that she can do comedy too. of course the material they gave her was a bit thin, but she was able to give justice (most of the time) to a one-note character. the fact that it was a bit of a parody to the roles she’s often given might be a plus.

the main problem i have with this film, which i already mentioned above, is it’s lack of a clear story. which wouldn’t have been that big of a problem– heck, who am i kidding? the lack of a story is a problem! but the thing is, they could’ve masked this by giving it a clear narrative: of a character going from one point to the other. and that would have actually given the movie the story it needed.

instead, we get a hodge-podge of scenes that are supposed to make us laugh, but only succeeds in making us cringe.

overall, i think MAMARAZZI is just regal films trying to ride on the eugene domingo success train. that everything eugene stars in is instantly a hit. i mean, look at WORKING GIRLS, right? unfortunately for eugene though, even her brand of comedy isn’t enough to save this movie. i don’t think it’s going to go as far as hurt her career, she’s actually has talent to surpass this horrific movie, but it’s definitely going to make people hesitate to watch whatever her next movie project is going to be.

4 thoughts on “mamarazzi

  1. if you are really her fan you wouldn’t say this to her and you will watch mamarazzi over and over again just to get the main or the stories i was able to understand the stories

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