the new dead

"the new dead" with foreword by christopher goldeni love zombies. well, i don’t love them in that way, but i love everything that has anything to do with them. i think i covered this part in my post about FEED. so now, i’m just going to talk about THE NEW DEAD.

first and foremost, it’s a collection of stories. it’s not just one story, and that’s why you can see a list of authors on the book cover. well, obviously. and i asked fully booked to hold one for me in reservation without knowing anything about the book. i just knew it was about zombies, and that was it. but to say that it’s a book of zombie stories would do the book an injustice.

THE NEW DEAD is a book about the idea of the undead, or if you will, the newly dead.

sure, there are still stories on zombies — that’s as inevitable as the zombie apocalypse. but most of the stories you’ll find here takes on the zombie idea in new ways that you’ve never seen before. in a few, you might even wonder who the real evil is.

i read the book from cover to cover, but i did make two exceptions in the order of reading: max brooks’ CLOSURE, LIMITED and joe hill’s TWITTERING FROM THE CIRCUS OF THE DEAD, which i picked out to read first.

THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE and WORLD WAR Z remain as two of my all-time favorite reads. so when i saw max brook’s name on the cover of THE NEW DEAD, i was excited to read a new story from him. CLOSURE, LIMITED is set in the post-apocalyptic world of WORLD WAR Z, and in it we reunite with the “author” as he interviews a man who offers closure for those who lost someone to the zombies.

what made WORLD WAR Z one of my favorite reads is the fact that it’s a zombie book without the zombie killing-spree. zombies are about to become a thing of the past, sort of, and people are trying to rebuild their lives. and while the book itself had closure, it never tackled the idea of closure the way the author tackles it on CLOSURE, LIMITED.

it’s hard to write an afterthought when the story you’re avoiding to spoil is a few pages long.

moving on to TWITTERING FROM THE CIRCUS OF THE DEAD; the author chose to tell the story in tweets. lines that are 140 characters long, or less. and i have to say, it’s a very interesting way of telling a story. you feel the urgency of the tweets as they come, as you go along. and when the horror begins–

well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself, wouldn’t you?

THE NEW DEAD is a great book for anyone with a really busy schedule. any anthology books are, now that you think about it. the stories are long enough to actually tell a story, but short enough that you can just pick it up anytime to read. you can also put it off while you’re reading something else. at the same time, if you choose to read it all the way through, like i did, you won’t ever get a sense of “been there done that”; it’s fascinating how these writers found so many ways of telling a zombie story.

so if you ever find a copy of THE NEW DEAD, buy it.


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