giveaway: mockingjay – the result

and the results are in, and there were only five entries to my first ever competition. did the non-randomization of picking winners scare people off? maybe. but i really don’t like picking winners at random.

anyway, before i get on to announcing the winner, here’s my answer to my own question. if i were in panem, i think i would’ve lived in district three. taking into consideration my family, and my family’s history, i think i would’ve found myself in the district that deals with technology and factories.

i know, it’s stereotypically chinese. but that’s where my family grew up, and that’s how my dad and uncles supported themselves, through factory work. it doesn’t mean that because i live in district three, it automatically means i can’t have freedom of expression. i could also be a blogger there–if blogging exists outside the capitol.

and now, for the winner:

blogger said, “I’d go with District 11 because I really liked Rue and the salute that the old man initiated to give Katniss honor when she visited the district. Plus, the specialty of that district is agriculture so it’s similar to the provinces here in the Philippines.

yes, it’s chachic! [i’ll e-mail you to ask for your details.]

now, i’m kind of confused if i was unclear with my question. i asked which district would you have belonged in, not which district you would want to belong in. or was the distinction only clear to me?

i did like the answers though. most especially ivanbookworm’s and tina’s who both chose to live in district 13. very revolutionary of you two.

much thanks to the five of you who joined! i’m having another competiton coming late september, and i hope you guys can join then too!


4 thoughts on “giveaway: mockingjay – the result

  1. Yay, I WOOOOOOOOOOON! I was so excited to open my mailbox and your message was there. Thank you so much for picking my answer! I can’t remember though if I answered it correctly. I mean if I answered it with the idea that I’ll belong to that district and not that I want to be in that district. In any case, thanks again for having this contest. 🙂 I wish you more luck in the one that you have planned in September.

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