giveaway: mockingjay – closed

five entries so far in the MOCKINGJAY giveaway contest i’m holding; if you want to get a copy (not advanced, not signed — just a copy) of MOCKINGJAY for free, just answer one question in the original post.

again, the question is: which district would you have belonged in, if you were in the books’ world?

deadline for answers is on august 23, that’s a monday. i’m picking the best answer as soon as the clock hits 00:00 and it’s august 24. that way, i can contact the winner on the same day (august 24) and send the book (through 2g0) as soon as i pay for my reserved copies on august 25. and if all goes well, you’ll have the book on your doorstep by august 26. or 27. either way, plenty of time before the weekend begins, when you can curl up with said book!

why am i picking the best answer (in my opinion), instead of just randomly picking an entry? well, aside from the fact that i’m a masochist, i think the thought behind the answers should be taken into consideration in contests like this.

when i pick the winner though, i’ll also post why i thought it was the best of the lot. so, good luck to those who joined — and those who will be joining!

2 thoughts on “giveaway: mockingjay – closed

  1. 2GO delivers the package the day after you give it to them so the winner will have his/her copy on the 26th. I still haven’t reserved my copy but I’m going to get a copy on the 25th if I don’t win. 😛

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