the book of the film of the story of my life

"the book of the film of the story of my life" by william brandtthis book’s cover is horrendous. but i have to admit, it is eye-catching in the bargain pile. and in the end, i have to thank this really horrible cover, because if it weren’t for it, i wouldn’t have noticed this book.

now, THE BOOK OF THE FILM OF THE STORY OF MY LIFE caught my attention because it had something to do with the film industry. now, it doesn’t give tips or what-nots, but it does give character insight into people who have dealings with the film industry. and in a fiction book, that’s what’s more important.

besides, there’s no such thing as a helpful self-help book anyway. or if there is, i’ve yet to encounter it.

so THE BOOK OF THE FILM OF THE STORY OF MY LIFE is about frederick, a down-on-his-luck guy who just found out that his superstar ex-wife (sophie)  is pregnant. and is going steady with the hunk actor (matt) whose entrance in their lives was the final in the coffin of their marriage. when the three of them are expected to show up at a birthday party of a film bigwig, frederick has this brilliant idea of how he can win his wife back–hire a prostitute (melissa) and show everyone that he’s moved on.

as i said, brilliant.

it took me a few days to finish this book–but not because it was a drag to read. it was actually very enjoyable. it’s just that i keep finding myself without any free time. until today, anyway. so here i am, writing about the book.

remember THE SILVER LININGS PLAY BOOK? this book has a similar feel, in which the protagonist is trying to make sense of his life again, where he’s trying to get back on track. both are similar in the fact that their protagonists want to get their wives back. but where pat of THE SILVER LININGS PLAY BOOK is all about optimism and bettering himself, frederick of THE BOOK OF THE FILM OF THE STORY OF MY LIFE doesn’t really make much of an effort to get his wife back–save for hiring a prostitute to pretend to be his new serious girlfriend. which, really, doesn’t say much about his character.

of course, in the end, our main protagonist get a jolt of clarity as to where his life should go. but the journey he takes to get there? it’s a great journey to follow. and save for one chapter that was kind of hard to follow because of the time-jumps, the journey is pretty easy to follow.

with books like these, you pretty much know where you’re going anyway. so how the journey goes is the most important thing. and i have to say that i loved how ordinary most of frederick’s journey is. he makes social blunders, he makes wild speculations that are so far-fetched, but very true in his head, and he is innately so good-natured that he just can’t help himself from helping other people. even if he doesn’t know he’s actually doing it.

it’s a good read. something perfect for curling up on one late rainy afternoon.

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