here comes the bride

here comes the bridei meant to catch this on the silver screen, i swear. i’m not a big fan of star cinema films, because most of the time they’re made of cheese. which some people like. but i’m not the hopeless romantic sort.

but HERE COMES THE BRIDE is different. it isn’t a romantic-comedy film–it’s just comedy.

HERE COMES THE BRIDE was released on home video a month ago, i think. but because the price is a little steep for a local release (PhP600 compared to the usual PhP375 fare), i never thought to purchase it–until a few days ago.

last night, i watched it–and enjoyed most of the movie.

it definitely helps to have an amazing cast: you have the subtle (in this movie) comedy of eugene domingo, the laugh-out-loud antics of tuesday vargas, the understated acting of jaime fabregas and john lapus–the only one who i actually found lacking from the main cast was angelica panganiban.

prior to watching this film, i’ve heard a lot of people say that angelica was a revelation in this film. i guess i expected too much. but before we get to that, let’s have a little backgrounder:

it’s the wedding day of stef (angelica panganiban), and everyone is headed to the beach for the ceremony. but on the way, stef gets into a minor car accident with her godmother (eugene domingo), a nanny (tuesday vargas), the grandfather (jaime fabregas) of her intended, and the image stylist (john lapus), and what results is a case of body-switching.

stef is now the godmother, the godmother is now in the nanny, the nanny is in the grandfather, and the grandfather is in the image stylist’s body. and where is the image stylist? in stef’s body.

now, eugene domingo was able to adapt the shy/soft-spoken personna of stef–though it was a little reminiscient of her dora character from KIMMY DORA; tuesday vargas was a hoot as she hammered legal terms as if it were part of the vernacular; jaime fabregas went from a dirty-old-man to a meek provincial girl, and john lapus became jett pangan. the imitation of each other’s acting was not perfect, but it was entertaining.

and then we get to angelica panganiban. i’m not actually sure what went wrong. but i was looking for the diva-attitude john lapus’s character initially sported. what angelica showed wasn’t the character john lapus portrayed in the movie, but rather the john lapus character the actor usually employs in his television shows–hammed up to the next level.

yes, angelica was able to become john lapus in parts of the movie–but i never saw her become toffee, john lapus’s character.

then again, the other four actors and actresses i’ve mentioned are all stage performers, with experiences in theater and live performances. angelica panganiban was a child actress who, seems to me, just recently discovered her acting abilities. so i guess we can cut her some slack.

for the most part anyway, the movie is solidly funny–aside from the really annoying insert of this kuya (brother) kim character near the end of the movie.

if there are imperfections in the movie, you won’t notice it because you’ll be laughing your ass off most of the time anyway.

so do i recommend it? yes, if you’re willing to spend PhP600 for a dvd (or a little less for the vcd version).


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