the zombie survival guide: recorded attacks

"recorded attacks" by max brooksthe allure of the zombie fiction once again overcame my common sense.

i’ve been seeing this graphic novel for a few months now, and i’ve always debated whether i’m going to buy it or not. finally, after months of deliberation–and after coming into some money–i finally bit the bullet.

i have to say i’m disappointed.

i was expecting stories, and instead i got retreads of the same “recorded attacks” from THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE. which shouldn’t have been a surprise, seeing as the title of this graphic novel is THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE: RECORDED ATTACKS. but was it too much to ask for one new story?

i’m not a big comics person. when i was a kid i used to buy x-men and superman comics from time to time–but never religiously. i only went back to the comics world because of joss whedon–and BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. so buying this graphic novel was a big deal for me. i wanted substance, i wanted something i wouldn’t be able to get from my imagination and reading the written text.

well, i got substance. the recorded attacks are still as powerful as it was when i was reading them off the book. but there was nothing more.

so for the people who have read THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE, this graphic novel is definitely not the worth the PhP600+ price tag. but for those who don’t plan on reading THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE, then this is a good enough read. but like most graphic novels, you finish it off in less than an hour. you tell me if it’s worth it.

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