"feed" by mira granti love zombie-anything. really. being of the queasy nature, i actually have no idea how i fell in love with the concept of zombies. maybe it’s the fact that you can actually kill zombies. goodness knows i’m useless when it comes to ghosts.

okay, now that we’ve established that, on to FEED:

i found out about this book through another book blog, one that held a competition to give away a copy of FEED, because the blogger enjoyed it so much. this being a book on zombies, and seeing (reading about?) someone else enjoying it so much she’s willing to give a copy away had me intrigued.

having tried the e-mail us option of FULLY BOOKED, i asked if they still have a copy of FEED locally–and where i could find it, if they did. they told me they had one last copy at their rockwell branch, and that they would be willing to transfer it the branch nearest me. so i thanked them and moved on.

i got the book last monday, and i’ve read it every chance i got. it hooked me, definitely.

the good news: we survived. the bad news: so did they.

the story is pretty straight forward. we follow three bloggers as they themselves follow the campaign trail fo a senator hoping to become the republican ticket to the presidential elections.

that in itself is interesting topic, seeing as blogging is (right now) a non-traditional media. and you can never really censor what a blogger would say about you or your campaign.

now, set the whole thing in a post-apocalyptic world, where the apocalypse was brought about by the introduction of zombies.

suddenly, the game is different. on top of the probably intrigues that will crop up, there is now also thrills and danger, and the inevitable deaths that will come as soon as the zombies arrive on the scene.

FEED is an adventure set in a political background with tinges of espionage. it’s a page-turner, and it definitely kept me reading way into the night, even when i’m to have an early morning the next day.

so do i recommend this book? hell, yes.


7 thoughts on “feed

  1. YES, ANOTHER FEED CONVERT. 🙂 I’m glad you found a copy — they should stock more copies of that book here. 😀 How did you find the ending?

    • there’s still one in Fully Booked’s The Block branch–which I found after buying the one High Street had transferred from the Rockwell branch. because it was, apparently, the only copy. hahaha. bookstore misadventure.

      i liked the ending; though i was spoiled, in one sense of the word. i was looking for the about the author, and mistakenly read the last chapter. so i knew what was going to happen to one character [seeing as it was in the first paragraph and all]. but it didn’t spoil, in the other sense of the word, the book for me. i still loved the book, and i felt the threat of the zombies more after i found out what i found out.

      was that too cryptic? i don’t want to spoil anyone who hasn’t read the book yet. =/

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