love bug presents: exchange of hearts

the stars of "exchange of hearts"in a bit of a take off from my previous television show posts, i’m posting about an upcoming show this time around. it’s called LOVE BUG: EXCHANGE OF HEARTS, and it stars four graduates of the most recent STARSTRUCK batch.

so why am i posting about something that hasn’t aired? obviously, i haven’t seen it yet, but i have a connection with this batch of STARSTRUCK teens–because i was the one who followed their journey from top 28 to the final judgment.

i was the one who handled the content (text and images) of the STARSTRUCK website. and because of that, i have a special kinship with these kids.

yes, this is a biased post. but then again, this is my blog–a blog about my thoughts, and my everyday doings. so you probably already know that there will be bias before this page even loaded.

going back to the point, i’m here to talk about EXCHANGE OF HEARTS, LOVE BUG‘s latest installment:

the story, according to the press release, is about two childhood friends (steven silva as tim, sarah lahbati as rachel) whose parents think they would be the perfect couple. unfortunately, neither tim nor rachel share the sentiments. and, for that matter, neither do their significant others (enzo pineda as emil, diva montelaba as barbie). but the parents are persistent.

so tim and rachel both agree to spend sometime together in camiguin, fully expecting not to enjoy each other’s company. and they are right–at first. but then, things between the two start changing. they actually start liking each other. something neither emil nor barbie were expecting when they started spying on the two. something else they didn’t expect? to actually enjoy each other’s company as they spied on their respective beaus!

from the press release, you can pretty much glean that it’s a typical teenybopper romance. but for a late sunday afternoon timeslot, it’s a pretty okay fare. and i am totally just saying that to support the four teens who are part of the show. but i will definitely be watching. if not to like, then at the least, to support.

LOVE BUG: EXCHANGE OF HEARTS begins this sunday, july 18, after PARTY PILIPINAS–on gma-7.

Note: image included in post appears courtesy of gma network.

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