fully booked: the block

this is neither a love post or a rant post–this is a call to arms.

i just found out earlier today that FULLY BOOKED at sm north edsa’s the block would be downsizing their store–because a different establishment wanted their spot at the mall. so the store will be halved, with one half going to said establishment.

my source said that sm (the mall) only gave them two options: to leave (meaning, move locations within the mall) or to give up half their space. and seeing as there aren’t anymore space available for FULLY BOOKED at the block (or anywhere else in the compound, i guess), they chose the lesser “evil”, so to speak.

god only knows i’ve had my troubles with FULLY BOOKED, but the fact still remains that FULLY BOOKED is the only bookstore that caters to a wide market of book lovers. and their branch in the block is the biggest one in the north area, so losing even half of it is still a major loss.

now, i’ve only heard one side of the story. i plan to find out more. but one thing’s for sure: whatever establishment is moving in to the half FULLY BOOKED is losing–i will definitely not support it.

4 thoughts on “fully booked: the block

  1. i think ang bastos dito is SM. ah, well. even if not all books can be displayed, we can still ask for titles and the FB people can take them out of storage or order for us.

    • i know there are still ways around the soon-to-be smaller store, but i love the block’s fully booked as it is. it’s space is one of the reasons it’s so inviting. it’s like the store is shouting “we have space for you here.”

      then again, as shown by gateway’s fully booked, size really doesn’t matter.

      but i still plan to find out more, and ask why fully booked is being asked to give up half their space.

  2. Oh no! Fully Booked The Block is the nearest big branch of Fully Booked to my house! The branch in Trinoma is so small! This makes me sad. 😦 Boo SM and Henry Sy!

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