a page out of life

"A Page Out of Life" by Kathleen Reidexpectations. we have them for people, for events, even for movies–so why not for books? the first time i saw this book, i knew i was going to buy it. even if it was not the type of book i would normally read, at the moment i held the book i knew i was going to buy it and read it.

and then i actually read it.

suffice to say, it did not live up to expectations. it was supposed to be about three women who deal with life’s complications. and we do get that. but it’s handled in such a way that you don’t really see anything going on, and then it’s already happened. the journey from one point to another is lost.

if there’s anything to blame, it’s the author’s choice to tell the story in three separate perspectives. while i admire the fact that she was able to switch from one perspective to another without losing the characters’ voices; i found it incredibly annoying that something interesting would happen to one character–only to find out that you’ll be following a different character next. it feels like such a cop out, especially since we get time jumps wherein a lot would’ve already happened to one character while you were staying with a different one.

and that’s my main gripe about this book. it’s extremely hard to become involved with a character, if you keep leaving her for a different one at the end of each chapter.

that said, the book really does live up to its title. A PAGE OUT OF LIFE–the book starts and ends with life changing. you don’t get a clear beginning, you don’t get a clear ending. it is just another page out of life. it’s the journey of three characters, in different stages of their lives, coping and just living.

only i wish we could have seen more of the journey.


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