trudis liit

to tell you honestly, i’m not a big fan of afternoon soap operas–especially in the philippines. they tend to have the same formula of poor girl meeting rich guy, and of them falling in love, and of rich guy’s family opposing their union.

granted, this is not always the case. but there’s just something about local afternoon soaps that are so … heavy.

and then abs-cbn came out with ROSALKA. it’s also a very heavy afternoon soap–but with a lot of light moments between the main character and the two boys who will, eventually, fight over her. that’s always what happens, right?

with ROSALKA‘s entry into the jillian ward as trudis liitafternoon foray, gma-7 came out with a very different show to compete with it’s opponents fantasy and light romance–and that’s TRUDIS LIIT.

when i learned of gma-7’s decision to remake TRUDIS LIIT instead of the previously announced BAKIT KAY TAGAL NG SANDALI?, i was curious. what could TRUDIS LIIT be about? so i started surfing the ‘net for information about the classic movie that launched politician vilma santos’s career as a child actress. and i didn’t find out much. just that it was a movie about two kids who were maltreated–with one being bitten (or eaten up, if the comments are to be believed) by a rabid dog.

great, another cry-me-a-river soap.

but then something changed. gma-7 started coming out with these teasers of a body-less voice shouting “trudiiiiiiiiiiiiiis” and a very cute jillian ward, while doing various house-cleaning chores, answering “andyan na po!” which is roughly translated to: “coming!” it was very cute–even if i had to wonder how a five-year old child would become a housemaid. but hey–that’s why we have suspension of disbelief.

so i gave the show a try. i watched the pilot week, reserving judgment until the fifth episode. and i was hooked.

it’s not the story that drew me in. definitely not the story. what drew me in was the very positive outlook trudis has of life. this is a five-year old girl whose father is dying (dead now, actually), whose mother can’t seem to affection for her, and who seems to be cursed with extreme bad luck. but throughout it all, she remains upbeat and optimistic.

who wouldn’t be drawn in by that?

after the first week, i’ve settled into a sort-of relaxed state with the show. it’s not a must-watch for me, seeing as i’m really drawn more into smart fantasy and sci-fi shows. or comedies. but whenever i have access to a television, and TRUDIS LIIT is on, i’m definitely going to take the opportunity to watch it. after all, we all need a shot of optimism in our lives, right?

note: the TRUDIS LIIT photo i’ve used is, very obviously, courtesy of its facebook fan page.


8 thoughts on “trudis liit

  1. my housemates are crazy about Ruby and the new telenovela starring Bea and Gretchen. what do you think of these shows? to be honest, i sort of enjoy watching evil ruby =P

    • to be honest, I haven’t seen an episode of Rubi or Magkaribal (the one with Bea and Gretchen) yet. mostly because it’s up against DIVA, which I watch. But I will give it a shot, and try to make a blog post about it. =)

  2. i agree with artseblis. sobrang aliw ng rubi. lalo na ung maldita moments ni angelica. 🙂 you ought to catch it, then again, baka magkasakit ka. :))

    i haven’t seen an ep of trudis, but from the pre-show interviews i’m not a fan of jillian. mashadong ma-arte yung bata. she doesn’t come off to me as a cute and charming five-year old (that she ought to be) but as a five-year old who’s trying (to be/to act) all cute and charming.

    • hahaha, let’s see what i can do about not being able to catch it.

      as for jillian ward; well it’s a good thing i don’t watch her interviews then. haha. i only watch the show, i don’t really like following local entertainment “news”.

    • i don’t think we have to worry about the “super smart” part, from what i’ve seen of trudis liit–she’s just one very lucky girl.

      i do hope jillian gets raised well while basking in her popularity right now though.

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