the silver linings play book

"the silver linings play book" by matthew quicki actually wasn’t planning on reading this yet. i bought this together with INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIVING SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE and A PAGE OUT OF LIFE with the intention of putting it on my book pile–which is basically a pile of books that i’ll be reading once a week. while waiting for other books to arrive.

right now, i only have two books left on my book pile: the already mentioned A PAGE OUT OF LIFE and DALEK I LOVED YOU.

but what made this book a sudden must-read? it’s actually the blurb that got me–and then the promise of a total eclipse of the heart number in page-form? well, i was hooked. and i finished the whole thing in a matter of hours.

before i talk about the book, here’s a little backgrounder:

Imagine that your life is a film directed by God. A romcom, obviously, complete with happy-ever-after ending. Before the credits roll, there will, of course, be tears, tantrums and misunderstandings, but you know you’ll get there–and get your girl–in the end.

Welcome to Pat’s world.

It’s a world of silver linings and true love, but also a world where God makes movies and Kenny G lurks in your attic–and when Pat inadvertently befriends the tragic Tiffany, he begins to question whether or not he might just have got the genre wrong.

who wouldn’t be intrigued with a blurb like that?

and so, after arriving completely knackered from the milo marathon, i decided to have some downtime–and read the book. and i couldn’t stop turning the pages. i notice that first-person books usually are page-turners for me. of course there are exceptions, but for the most part this holds true. like with this book. now that we’ve established that–

the book is about a character named pat who was just released from a mental institution–a bad place. and the whole book is his journey to getting better and reuniting with his one true love. but along the way, he is met with conflicts and trials and roadblocks from his family, his friends, and this girl named tiffany who he can’t seem to place if she likes him or not.

it’s definitely a feel-good book, with a feel-good attitude on a not-so-great life. the author, matthew quick, actually discusses the theme of his book through other literary classics: like THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, THE BELL JAR, A FAREWELL TO ARMS and THE SCARLET LETTER. a warning, actually, if you haven’t read any of those books and plan on reading them in the future: this book contains spoilers on how they all end. but going back:

the theme of the book is this: life is generally tough on everyone. sure there are a lucky few who get their dream lives with their dream wives and their dream houses and their dream jobs, but for the most of us, life’s just life. and while books are one form of escape from reality, it’s also a mirror of reality–of people who are going through the same things we are, except they’re trying to be better people. but THE SILVER LINING PLAY BOOK masks this with unbridled optimism, that you can’t help but root for the ending your protagonists wants, even as you know in your heart that it’s not the ending he’s gonna get.

so yeah, THE SILVER LINING PLAY BOOK is a great read. and it’s something i’ll definitely be recommending for friends–and random strangers–to read.


6 thoughts on “the silver linings play book

  1. a very promising and interesting blog. your posts are very well written and offers some very intelligent observations. i like your post on Diva. Here’s to more opportunities for taking a break so you can give us more posts. 😛

    • thank you, artseblis!

      i’ve never had anyone tell me my posts are well-written before–or that i have intelligent observations. so thank you, thank you so much. and no, i’m not being sarcastic there. 🙂

      i wanted to elaborate more on DIVA, actually, but i felt it would make the post too long. and then i wrote this latest entry (THE SILVER LINING PLAY BOOK), and well, it seems as if i’m not that bothered with long entries after all! 😀 so i’ll probably post a second parter for DIVA. 🙂

      again, thank you so much for visiting and for your comment. it means a lot!

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