instructions for living someone else’s life

Instructions for Living Someone Else's Life by Mil Millingtoni found INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIVING SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE while waiting for my sister at fully booked (the block) one afternoon. i really wasn’t searching for anything in particular, but i take note of intriguing titles. yes, i’m a titles-person.

this was one of three books i bought that day, all of which have nothing to do with my usual fare: fantasy. though, in a way, all of them are also rooted in fantasy.

in this particular case, the main character is twenty-five year old chris who got piss-drunk back in 1988–and woke up suddenly in 2006 with a life very different from what he had probably intended.

being twenty-five myself, i related a lot to the main character.

it’s not a spectacular read, if you want to know the truth. it was just okay. i could bring myself to put down the book if i needed to do something else–even if that something else isn’t even remotely important. but being the type of person i am (i must finish everything i started–except TWILIGHT.) i kept going and going until i finished the book. it took me three days.

i’m not saying the book wasn’t good. well, i am saying that. but it wasn’t badly written. it was entertaining, and a little thought-provoking. but at the end of the day, it wasn’t a book you leap into. not something someone would have to kill you for, just so they could take it off your hands.

one of my criteria for a really enjoyable read is if the book makes me hold my pee. you know the feeling? when you absolutely have to go, but the book is so interesting that you couldn’t be bothered to stand up and head to the toilet? that only happens with books you really, really enjoy. and there has been a case when i took the book with me to the toilet, just because i really needed to go and i still didn’t want to put down the book.

that didn’t happen with this book. i actually just read the thing right before going to bed.

but, i have to say, INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIVING SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE is a perfect way to jump start this blog. it’s literally about a character who took a break from his life for almost two decades.

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