let’s take a break

do you ever feel that sometimes life’s just way too fast? i do all the time. that’s why i turn to books, television shows and movies to take a break from it all. sometimes, i turn to music too–but i’m really a big book-television-movie fan.

and regardless of what it is or who wrote it or who is in it, i’m willing to give anything a try.

right now, i’m reading INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIVING SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE, a book by mil millington. this is my take-a-break book of the moment, and i’ll probably write more about it after i finish reading the book. the verdict so far though is this: it’s very different from the usual books i read.

other than this, i also take-a-break (“procrastinate” is another term for this) with local television shows: DIVA and TRUDIS LIIT; as well as the recently concluded series 5 of DOCTOR WHO.

2 thoughts on “let’s take a break

  1. Sometimes it does feel like life just passes you by. It’s always great to read a book or watch a movie so you can pause and relax a bit. But books are more my thing than anything else. 🙂 Glad you decided to join Filipino Book Bloggers!

    • Hi Chachic! 🙂

      I can’t pick between books or television shows–both have special places in my heart. And it’s kind of seasonal for me, from September to November, and from January to May, I lean more on television shows; as for the rest of the year, I read books.

      Then again, I read books like regular people eat meals. Once I start (and if it’s good) I can’t stop. So I tend to finish off a whole pile within a week. This is not good for the wallet, by the way, so it’s highly inadvisable.

      Obviously, I spend more on books than movies. 😀

      And thanks for letting me join Filipino Book Bloggers! Most of my friends are book lovers too, so I’ll definitely be promoting that as well. 🙂

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